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How to Make Doll Shoes Without Sewing a Stitch

You may be willing to make the doll shoes but think that you can’t just because you do not know how to stitch. You should not be scared for there is a way out that you can still reach your target. This is because there is a better way of doing it without making even a single stitch. For the basis, the butterfly pattern is the best since it is the foundation of all the shoe construction. The item below is a good help that if you follow, you can make the best doll shoes that you wish for.

The first step that you have to understand is the step of the requirements. To make sure that you have the right requirements, there is a list of items that you need to have to make sure that you are ready to go With all the tools, you are one step ahead in making the doll shoes that you wish to have. However, in making these shoes, you have to be careful and patient to get the best result.

The first step is cutting the materials into the expected patterns that may be needed in making the shoe. The materials that you need to cut are the vinyl material and the cardboard, which design the pattern of the shoe. Using the leather punching tool, you are to punch the holes on the vinyl material. In the vinyl material, the upper part is to be hit to get the shoelace holes. After punching the holes, then you are required to use the hobby knife to remove the cuts out, to make sure that you have an even pattern of the holes.

The third thing to do is to apply the glue on the vinyl material and the carton to finally make the sole. In this step, your main aim is to make sure that the sole reinforcement, which is the cardboard and the vinyl, which is the sole, are firmly stuck together. In this step, you should be careful so that you can make sure that the vinyl material and the cardboard are stuck together firmly. After the step of fixing, you have to attach the different parts.

In this step, you carefully wrap the vinyl around the cardboard, starting from the front part. To finish up the shoemaking, the foam and the hot glue are spread from the sole to the upper part. The next thing to do is to press the sole hardly to make sure that they stick together tightly, with no loose parts. The smooth edges are achieved by trimming the shoe. In conclusion, with these steps, you can make the best shoe that you wanted.
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